About us

Rajwardhan Jagdale the main sculptor of Pushparaj Engineers is loaded with Degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA in Marketing and Finance. He is also a Diploma in Computer Application. Innovations, new Designs, Ergonomics, Aesthetics and management system is part of nature in Pushparaj.
An ISO 9001 for last 10 Years – Awarded best Industry in 2003 and planning to start a new unit in 2011 are some of structural goals.

Social givings

An MOU with Engineering Colleges like K.I.T, D.Y.Patil College of Engineering, DKIET and Bharatiya Vidyapeeth have made the company produce a win win situation and doing projects of superior educational inheritance with students. Pushparaj boosts of more than 30 projects with these colleges including some in Master of Engineering and M.B.A.
There have been various units who have encouraged and supported us time to time, however presently wish to take the name of Rocket Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd which has given Pushparaj a stone like support. Initially the support was provided by Fleetguard Filters Limited and Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

Research and Development

In Pushparaj Engineers we are ready to take on the change and futuristic technology in our stride. We believe in change and for that matter a better change. We assure you that we will resolve all complicated issues in Sheet metal components and assemblies if forwarded to us.
Our Core Competency is in Deep drawing and assemblies.