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We believe in producing & supplying the best quality products in planned manner, to meet the customer’s requirement on time with maximum cost effectiveness, so as to help our customers to grow. We Plan to accomplish this with quality conscience & knowledgeable work force and proper implementation of Quality Policy. We Believe in growth of our customer and his satisfaction will lead to our & National growth, Internationally.

Qualified Products of Pushparaj

BBQ Lifestyle

Table Top

Rocket Tank


Vacuum Tank

Wheel Guards

Critical Deep draw component

Air cleaner


High Quality metal sheet
Equipment solutions!

  • Strategic Planning with high quality technical know how for successfully accomplishment of job.
  • Implementation of orders through highly experienced personnel with ERP/MRP softwares and highly skilled labour.
  • Maximum cost effectiveness with opticut and nesting softwares.
  • High quality products with statistical quality control delivered thro’ CP & CPk values.
  • Planning of Manufacturing & Scheduling accomplished by production softwares resulting in timely deliveries
  • Quick and Keen response to feedback.
  • Die Designing In House With Help Of Software.
  • Very Fast Die Development With MINIMUM DIE COST .
  • Supply Of Wrap Type Fuel Tanks .
  • Supply Of Complicated Deep Drawn Components With High Accuracy .
  • Designing And Planning Implemented Through Software .
  • Documents As Per Requirement Like PPAP, FMEA, SBC, etc. Are Already Being Followed And Can Be Given For All Components.
  • Total Assemblies OR Complete Article Can Be Forwarded For Direct Assembly On The Equipment.
  • Faster Response Vide Mail And Development Process Photographs Will Be Mailed.
  • Softwares Like Ideas, AutoCAD, ERIS, OPTICUT, SIX SIGMA ELEVATIONS etc. Are Being Followed And Implemented.

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Pushparaj Engineers
plot no : J-17,
MIDC, Gokul Shirgaon,
Kolhapur, Maharashtra.


+91 9865652121

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